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Deciding on Medicine

Is this for you?

Deciding on Medicine or Dentistry is a very important decision – it is 5 or 6 years of your life that you are devoting to begin learning about something for which will become a lifelong learning journey.


Over the many years, we have compiled a list of characteristics, which our team feel are critical to know before diving into these demanding, yet very rewarding courses.

  • Commitment

  • Academic excellence

  • Stamina and persistence

  • Organisational skills and time management abilities (includes dealing with stress)

  • Communicational skills (the ability to listen and verbalise your thoughts)

  • Interpersonal skills and empathy

  • Team working abilities

  • Desire to further your learning and stretch your academic potential


Not all of these need to sound familiar to you and many of these you develop throughout medical/dental school and beyond, but if you can relate to a lot of them then you’re on the right track!


Something that also helps is work experience and talking to your seniors. Work experience allows you to have an insight into what you could be doing in years to come. It enables you to have a glimpse of the sort of things you could be involved with in the near future and whether you like it or instantly despise it. Those that have been there can give you direct advice and things to be aware of.


Get in touch with us today if you’d like free career advice. Drop us an email and we can arrange a time that suits you to discuss over email or phone.  

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