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How to make the most of Open Days?

One of the best ways to see whether the medical or dental school you wish to apply to is right for you is to attend an open day.

Making the most of Open Days

Here are our 5 top tips of what you could do to make the most of your visits!

1. Book yourself early into all the open days well before you apply

  • It is probably worthwhile to go to open days before you have even started writing the bulk of your personal statement etc. This is because some universities prefer a more academically-tailored personal statement and others prefer a personal statement that mentions more of your work experience and extra-curricular activities. Once you know which universities you wish to apply to, you can tailor your personal statement accordingly.

  • Some universities require the UKCAT and others require the BMAT. Therefore, it’s important you know which universities require which so that you can register for the tests and sit them in time.

2. Brainstorm questions to ask beforehand

  • Each university looks for different things in their applicants. You need to find out what matters to them, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

  • At the end of the talks, speak to the admissions tutor and ask them what they’re looking for, see what they prefer in a personal statement and ask what their interview process is like. Each university will be different so it’s important to be aware of this.

  • It is also important to know whether you will like their way of teaching. Find out if the course is traditionally taught or more problem-based.

  • We have made table of questions that you could take with you to interview on our website. See the page "Choosing a Medical School" on our "Application Guide" tab, to download your copy for free.

3. Think of societies you would like to know more about

  • Extra-curricular activities are very important in university life.

  • It is all about a balance of work, rest and play. It is important for your university life and experience to have friends to socialise with and different types of clubs or societies to take part of. So if there are any on your mind, ask about them.

4. Attend the relevant subject talks

  • It is important to attend your subject specialist talks i.e. Medicine or Dentistry. This will give a closer insight to exactly how the course is taught and requirements for it.

  • In addition, talks on subjects such as Biomedical Sciences are also quite useful to drop in to. They may have other help and tips that could be useful at interview for you.

5. Go on the tours and meet current medical or dental students

  • It is important to get a feel for the university, after all you could be there for 5 or 6 years!

  • Importantly, the tours are often run by current medical or dental students there. This is a prime opportunity to ask questions, and know how the course really is from a student point of view. Moreover, they may give you helpful tips on applying e.g. the interview process and what they went through.

Download the remaining 2018 dates for open days here!

We hope this helps and download our guidance!

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