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Work Hard, Play Hard

Maintaining a balance between work and play is sometimes something that takes many years to establish.

How can you make sure you find a balance, is the best question you can ask yourself to start of with. There are 3 steps that can help you achieve a balance:

1. Make time to study

  • Remember why you are at university. Everyday is a new day, sometimes life happens and our priorities change. But the principle is simple; you are at university to study and to achieve the best grade you can.

  • This doesn’t mean you spend every waking hours just studying, this will not benefit you either. You must learn to believe you will and you will do well.

2. Make time for yourself

  • They say, you must look after yourself in order to be productive. That means, eating right, drinking enough water, exercising and sleeping well.

  • If you are one of those students who eats unhealthy food because it makes you “feel good” then it may make you feel good whilst eating comfort food, however after the feeling of lethargy and fatigue can really make you unproductive.

  • Try and make the conscious effort to eat healthily – it tastes good and is filled with natural sugars and energy to keep you going!

  • As well as doing the above, making time for a hobby is important. Make time to do something you really enjoy doing other than studying – your mind needs time to relax after using up energy for hard work.

3. Make time for others

  • Make time to get to know people, hang around with your friends but don’t forget about the people you care about outside of university life.

Two incredible reads are: The Secret by Rhona Byrne and The Brain Book by Phil Dobson. Let us know how you found them!

“Balance is the best drug you can find for a good life – many don’t find this drug, some try to and the rare do.” – Janki Valambhia

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