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MMIs: 4 Top Tips!

Have you got your MMIs around the corner? Here are our top 4 tips on how to ace your MMI.

1. Use the reading time wisely!

  • Students can use this minute or however long you have in different ways.

  • Some use it to relax and calm themselves before the next station and others use the whole time to read the next task and try and prepare for the next station.

  • That could be by mentally preparing what you’re going to say or pre-empting what you think you may be asked.

2. Forget about your last station

  • Treat every new station like a new interview. The panel on Station 2 will not know how you have done in Station 1, so don’t let them know if we went bad (or good!).

  • However your last station went, forget about it and move on – you stand a greater chance of acing your remaining stations!

3. Be concise in your answers and on topic!

  • You may only 5-6 minutes to shine in the station. Don’t take minutes getting to your point. Mention all the golden buzzwords if they’re relevant straight away, or if it’s an ethical station – get down to balancing the ethical pillar as soon as you can!

4. Don’t worry if the timer runs out or they cut you

  • Sometimes the interviewer may cut you – it is often not at all indicative of your performance but more so that they want to ask you something else and they’ve got their own agenda.

  • It could also be that you may be steering off topic so they’re subtly helping you!

  • If the bell rings, your station has ended – however the chances are you’ve already said enough… just finish your sentence / say bye and move on to the next station!

If you require any further help then please do not hesitate at all to get in touch! We know interview season is well under away and our tutors will always get back to you within 24 hours! Email for more information!

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