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Last Minute Interview Tips!

For those of you with the last rounds of interviews next week, here are our last minute tips!

1. Stay calm

  • This is easier said than done! But mentally train yourself to stay calm and tell yourself this. You’ll realise you’ll feel less stressed and have a much smoother performance.

2. Have good night rest before

  • This will ultimately improve your overall mood the next day. You want to go in feeling fresh, calm and rested, not at all cranky!

3. Know your personal statement and key examples

  • Of course it goes without saying have your key examples ready whether that be for work experience, and ethical situation or a challenging situation you have experienced.

  • For those you who attended the course, these were the SMART examples we went through from Page 13 of the book onwards.

4. Be concise and focused in what you say

  • Have key words and stick to the point. Answer the question efficiently without going off on a tangent.

If you require any further help then please do not hesitate at all to get in touch!

We know interview season is well under away and our tutors will always get back to you within 24 hours! Email for more information!

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