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Work Experience: Keep a Log!

During your work experience not only is it important to observe the different experiences you see but also to speak to doctors or dentists that you are shadowing.

Either whilst you’re there or after you placement keep a note of what you observed! You could keep this in on paper or notebook but sometimes the ideas get jotted down in a non-ordered way. When it comes to personal statement writing and interview preparation it will be difficult to decipher what you did and what you learnt.

Download our free logbook which is designed to help you gather your thoughts in an easy, strategic and simple way!

Keep a Logbook!

  • Sometimes it is easy to forget what you have observed on work experience so it’s important to jot down notes as you go along.

  • We have devised a form that will make it easier for you to gather your thoughts during your work experience. This will also make personal statement writing much easier. Download the form for free on our “Work Experience” page under the “Application Guide” tab.

If you need any advice in your preparation for medical or dental school, please feel free to get in touch at and one of our tutors will be more than happy to help you. We’ve been where you are, and now we’re here for you!

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