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Writing your personal statement

So, what should you write about then?

In your personal statement you can write about a variety of experiences you have had. We have written some of the key topics you should definitely try to include.

  • Work experience / Volunteering

  • How have you explored Medicine as a career?

  • Regular activities

  • Do you have any regular commitments?

  • Your studies

  • How have your subjects interested you or influenced you?

  • The skills that you have learnt and put into practice (or will)

  • From the skills you have gathered so far, how will these help you to become a great medical or dental student and subsequently a doctor or dentist?

You want to focus on showcasing all the experience you’ve had which proves that you have all the right qualities to be a doctor.

It is hard to fit it all in and if you need some advice send us your personal statement and we can advise where appropriate.

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