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The Final Week Before Submission!

With submission day in one week we thought we'd write down our top 3 tips of what we think is the best thing to do before submission!

Your personal statement is almost ready, maybe you're at draft 3 or maybe you're on draft 20! It's now time to tie those very few final loose ends and bring yourself to submit it.

1. Read it out loud

  • You must have read it so many times by now, but one way to read it in the most thorough way is to actually say it out loud. Any grammatical flaws or sentence mishaps will all become so clear this way.

  • After you've read it so many times, leave it to rest and read it out loud the next day after it's been some time - only then will this method be quite effective!

2. Don't get anymore new opinions when you are a few days before submitting it.

  • It’s always good to have somebody else proofread it and we’re sure you must have had this already. But when you’re one day from submitting it may do more harm than good to have a brand new reader with brand new opinions and suggestions.

  • Trust yourself and submit it without doubt.

3. Characters!

  • This might be obvious but please try pasting your personal statement into the UCAS form beforehand just to make sure there are no character or lines discrepancy on the form and check everything you’ve written fits in there!

Good luck with submission! Please email for any help or advice, and we can’t wait to help you through the interview stage now!

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