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Interview Tip: Practise In The Mirror!

Now you might think this is crazy but it really does help!

We have our very own Step2Med student, Niha, who attended our Step2Interview Course last year.

She is now in medical school and writes regularly for our blog to try and help other prospective students have an insight into what the application process involves and her own experience!

Here's her top tip:

Writing out answers for interview questions you may be asked may sound productive, but it’s important to make sure you’re talking out loud when practising; you’ll find that some phrases sound odd when you say them out loud and if that’s the case, you’ll know before you get into the real thing!

Practising in front of a mirror is great because it also gives you a chance to assess your body language. Notice if you fidget or play with your hair whilst answering questions to yourself and try to avoid it in he real thing; it’s important that your interviewer can’t tell that you’re nervous!

For any questions, please email!

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