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Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

This year's theme for Mental Health Awareness week is: Body Image. We hope you enjoy this short piece!

"Having body image concerns is a relatively common experience and is not a mental health problem in and of itself; however, it can be a risk factor for mental health problems. Research has found that higher body dissatisfaction is associated with a poorer quality of life, psychological distress and the risk of unhealthy eating behaviours and eating disorders." -

The impact of mental health on our physical health is huge. Both often co-exist and both affect the outcomes of either. Mental Health is just important as physical health and it is important that as prospective medical students you all are aware of its importance and impact on our healthcare and lives of our patients.

As aspiring doctors, it is very important to look after your own mental health. With that said, it is vitally important to remember that every patient has a story.

Mental Health can affect ALL of us. It can affect us throughout our lives, at different points and to different degrees.

Be mindful of yourself and those around you.

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