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How to Make the Most of your Work Experience?

Have a read of our 6 STEPS to making the most out of your work experience written by our incredible dental student Shivani.

  1. Take notes when on work experience as to what cases you see, as well as opinions from staff and patients about the profession, be curious! Download our free guide to help you take notes!

  2. List all the relevant skills and buzz words you observed being used i.e empathy, manual dexterity, cross infection control etc

  3. Reflect upon how the experiences made you feel at the time (this will prove to be useful when practicing for interviews!)

  4. Link each of the experiences to the relevant skills you have which can then be developed further to become a Doctor/ Dentist- this is how you integrate work experience into your personal statement!

  5. Discuss hot topics within Medicine/ Dentistry with the professionals, research these at home and formulate your own opinion- this will also be useful for interviews!

  6. Follow your work experience up with an email to say thank you for your time, and request a reference. This will be useful for documentation of your attendance, and can go towards building your portfolio!

This piece has been written by Shivani Kotecha. You can find her on Instagram @shivani_kotxcha.

This piece was reviewed by Dr Pooja Devani, @step2med.

As always, please do not hesitate to email us for advice on

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