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New Year Goals - How to make Focused, Happy and Realistic Goals!

Wow so that's 2019 over! You may be awaiting UCAS replies or if you're in our lower years you may be preparing for exams in the New Year - whatever it is here are our top tips for ensuring you remain happy throughout 2020 whilst focused on your goals.

Our top tips for realistic goals are:

1) For every goal you have - break it down into pieces

Having short-term goals which ultimately lead you to a long-term goal is the best way to achieve your end goal.

2) Have a variety of goals in different areas

Having different goals in different areas e.g. sport, academia, personal growth, allows variety and good headspace. They'll also complement each other through transferable skills and improve your time-management skills.

3) Review and Reflect

Always reflect on your progress - how far have you come? How far do you have left? It's okay to not sometimes achieve some of your goals in time - it's important tot stay realistic and not overburden yourself.

4) Personal goals will almost always be the most important

This is because they'll contribute to your academic goals or your sporting goals but overall I life they will contribute to constantly making your a better version of yourself - don't lose sight of this!

This year's piece has been written by our Founder, Dr Pooja Devani who is a junior doctor based in Leicester.

From the team at Step2Med, Happy New Year and we hope 2020 brings you all that you desire.

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