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COVID-19: May Update - What We Know So Far?

There is of course a lot of anxiety associated with the current situation, especially as formal exams have been cancelled. For those applying for medical and dental school we understand how worried you all are.

The Medical Schools’ Council (MSC) released updated guidance 5th May 2020 to try and update students during this sitting. We have summarised this for you below!

The MSC have released in their statement “medical schools will treat the grades awarded to you this year in the same way as qualifications awarded in any other year. Graduate entry schools are also monitoring the situation in relation to the cancellation of final examinations associated with undergraduate degrees.”

We hope this updated information reassures you more.

Medical schools will be following the UCAS rules, so if you meet your offer conditions with your grades, then you have your place at medical school.

We understand this may not answer all your questions, and uncertainties still remain. However, this is at present all that we know and understand, and the most settling thought if possible is that this isn’t specific to one person, but you are all in the same boat and medical schools are trying to engage in discussions to ensure the fairest outcome. With the situation evolving as it is we endeavour to keep you up-to-date. Please also refer to individual university websites for specific updates.

To read the full statement by the Medical School’s Council, please follow this link.

We know these times feel incredibly uncertain, and there is that extra level of apprehension. Please do not hesitate to email us if you have any worries, concerns or questions on

This piece was written by Dr Pooja Devani, @step2med.

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