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Interviews - What We Know So Far?

Here's what we know and which medical and dental school's have cancelled their face-to-face interviews and which are going virtual?

What we know so far:

The first university to cancel face-to-face interviews is St George's in London. Here's what they have said:

  • During this uncertain time, we have decided to cancel all face-to-face interviews to ensure the safety of our applicants.

  • We will now be holding all interviews remotely, over Skype or via video. Our priority remains providing a fair admissions process to all of our applicants, so we guarantee that all interviews will be assessed in the same way regardless of format, and attending a remove interview will not disadvantage your chance of being offered a place.

  • The remote interview day will mirror the MMIs as much as possible, however, there will be necessary changes to facilitate the remote nature of interviews. We have kept the nature of the interview questions consistent with our MMIs, but some questions have had to be edited due to interactive elements we are not able to offer remotely.

  • Your answers will be recorded and viewed by up to 8 trained assessors after the interview which will allow you to be assessed in the same way as those who have attended an in-person MMI.

  • Outcomes from the interviews may be delayed whilst assessors watch and mark their required questions, but we will endeavour to provide you with a decision within 2 weeks of your interview.

  • This applies to all courses managed by the central Admissions team, and will be regularly reviewed in line with Government advice. Information on any changes and/or accompanying guidance should the situation alter will be published on this website.


There is currently no other medical or dental school that has announced changes other than virtual open days.

We've tried our best to keep on top of the latest about interviews.

This article will be modified as we know more - so please keep checking this one for more updates.

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