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The Process

What's the Application Process all about?

In the UK, applying to medical and dental school is a long process… there are many steps and hurdles to pass through. However, being organised and positive about each step will make your application process that little bit easier.


There have been lots of updates, changes and uncertainties due to the current global pandemic. We are updating the website weekly with all the changes - best way to stay up-to-date is to follow us on our social media channels or visit our blog and we have many Covid-19 updates. 

The Medical Schools’ Council (MSC) released updated guidance 5th May 2020 to try and update students during this sitting. There is of course a lot of anxiety associated with the current situation, especially as formal exams have been cancelled. For those applying for medical and dental school we understand how worried you all are.


The MSC have released in their statement “medical schools will treat the grades awarded to you this year in the same way as qualifications awarded in any other year. Graduate entry schools are also monitoring the situation in relation to the cancellation of final examinations associated with undergraduate degrees.”

We hope this updated information reassures you more. Medical schools will be following the UCAS rules, so if you meet your offer conditions with your grades, then you have your place at medical school. To read the full statement by the Medical School’s Council, please follow this link.

We are here to guide you through each and every step of the process.


  1. Deciding on Medicine or Dentistry

  2. Applying through UCAS

  3. Work experience and Volunteering

  4. Choosing your Medical School

  5. Writing your personal statement

  6. Completing your UCAS form

  7. Succeeding in your Admissions tests (UCAT and/or BMAT)

  8. Passing the interview (and any extra requirements such as essays)

  9. Saying Hello to Medical School or Dental School!


We have made a page for each stage of applying to help you at each step of the application process.

We have made a FREE DOWNLOADABLE MEDICINE APPLICATION GUIDE! This is can be downloaded from this website and is best to use alongside our free Medicine Application video which you can find here!

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