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As a company, we want to provide you with lots of opportunities to engage with medical education and experience reading literature, researching around a subject matter and producing written material. 
Not only does it expand and develop your skillset, it is also great for your CV and personal statement. 
Essay Competition

What does it involve?

2021 Essay Competition Details  

To write an essay on the following title: Innovation at the heart of 2021: How has the pandemic changed the way we think? 

Word count: 1250 words (excluding title)

Deadline: 15th August 2021

Submission: email with attached word or PDF document.

Essay 2020 (Closed)

  • To write an essay on the following title: How Can Pandemics Such As COVID-19 Affect a Person’s  Overall Well Being

  • We would like to thank all 2020 entries. Over 140 students entered and 3 winners were chosen. 

Writing a Book
Writing Articles

What does it involve?

  • We are constantly releasing lots of  articles on the following topics: 

    • UCAS Application process for: ​

      • Medicine​

      • Dentistry

    • Personal Statement Creation 

    • Admissions Tests

    • Ethical Scenarios 

    • NHS and Key Topics 

    • MMI and Panel Interviews 

  • If you feel you could add your original flare or have a great insight you'd like to share that could help others then please get in touch - we'd love to hear from you

  • If you want to expand your CV, writing educational articles is a great way to boost your CV! 

  • Take a look at our articles here written by many great students

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Bursary Scheme? 

We also provide a Bursary Scheme for a selection of students.

To find out more, please click here and have a look on our FAQ page. 

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