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The Road To YOUR Dream!

The pathway to medical or dental school is longer than many courses available. However, if it is your dream then the length of the course is not often as big a deal.

Let’s go through the process of applying to medical school.

The most common route is after Sixth Form. Usually students take the sciences (with or without mathematics) and another subject.

Most often, universities stipulate Chemistry as an A-Level, and there are some that prefer Biology in addition, but Chemistry is a must.

In addition to your A-Levels, there are admissions’ tests such as the UKCAT and BMAT, and interviews (such as MMI, or panel interviews).

After meeting the conditions of your offer, you then begin medical school! Now the fun begins!

Depending on the medical school or whether you choose to intercalate down the line medical school will be a minimum of 5 years, and commonly now 6 years.

After which you enter foundation training as a junior doctor and then can choose to specialise, and if you still need sometime to think or wish to travel etc. can take an F3. The training subsequent to your junior doctor years can be GP training or if you would like to do hospital medicine then either core medical training or core surgical training.

Some training pathways for specialties such as Paediatrics have a straight run through training pathway. After this, you will become a consultant of your specialty.

So there you have the long and fun route of your medical career which all begins at high school!

If you would like any help at any point of your application process, please get in touch with our tutors at and we would be more than happy to advise you.

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