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So... What's Being a Pharmacist Really Like? Read now!

Are you thinking about studying pharmacy at university? My name is Umair and I am currently a first-year pharmacy student at the University of Birmingham! If you enjoyed studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths at school, but are not sure if a career in medicine or dentistry is for you, pharmacy offers a mix of all threes subject. Pharmacy students learn so much; from about complex human anatomy to compounding different types of drugs in labs and even how to interact with patients whilst dispensing medication, many of you may fall in love with every aspect of pharmacy exactly how I have!

In the four years you study pharmacy, you are training to become the best pharmacist you possibly can. The degree is very career focused; at university, I often attend sessions where case studies based on real life scenarios are discussed. This really boosted my confidence in first year as it meant that I could learn about how to counsel patients on how to use medications correctly or learn about how some drugs interact in the comfort of a safe, controlled environment. A typical day in the life of a pharmacy student would include lectures and small group teaching. As a student, you will have plenty of practice and chance to develop your professional character before you step out onto the front line.

However, pharmacy does not come without its challenges. There is a lot to learn in your degree, so you need to mentally prepare yourself to be stretched. Nonetheless, pharmacy offers a rewarding career because you will be on the front line helping your community and improving patient lives. You could pursue several careers with a pharmacy degree, all requiring different interests and strengths. The jobs range from clinical pharmacy in hospitals, community pharmacy on high streets and industry pharmacy working for pharmaceutical companies like GlaxoSmithKline. Or you can go into academia and research, alongside teaching university.

I have absolutely loved my first year of pharmacy and I cannot wait to see what the next three years hold for me!

Do you have any questions about a degree in pharmacy? Contact us via, or feel free to contact Umair by dropping him an email!

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