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Interview Tips: Choose Your Best Examples!

Choose your best examples!

It's always best to choose examples which you can talk a lot about and gather lots of skills from. The interviewers are looking for what you learnt from it, not just what you observed. Be sure to mention how you REFLECTED on it!

Lastly, don’t just focus on medical work experience. Sometimes you learn the most from the skills attained for experiences that weren’t directly at a hospital or GP, but instead at a place where you interacted with the public more and developed your interpersonal skills.

We have devised a form that will make it easier for you to gather your thoughts during your work experience. This will also make personal statement writing much easier. Download our form for free on the “Work Experience” page under the “Application Guide” tab. If you need any advice with work experience or guidance on where to find it, please get in touch at and one of our advisers can help you.

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