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International Women's Day 2019

We hope you enjoy this post about the powerful women in different careers and how their empowerment is increasing daily!

The number of women entering careers such as Medicine has risen over the decade. The support for women, and ability to openly support feminism in our current day

Feminism is not in the slightest about only supporting females, it is about empowering potential the women have to offer to the world through supporting both men and women.

The article by the BMJ below shows how the advent of women entering a multitude of professions has increased and the figure pasted below depicts this.


Step2Med was founded by a female senior medical student, who has a vision to raise the profile of prospective medical and dental students, and instil them with skills transferable to different aspects of their journey, including their application process.

Over the past year, we have helped over 100 students through our annual courses, now covering more than 10 schools.

Here's strong women, all across the globe - may we know them, be them and raise them!

This blog was written by our Founder and Lead Tutor, Pooja Devani (

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