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Top Tips on University Life!

Achieving a balance between work, rest and place is crucial in all aspects of your life, and especially do during medical/dental school.

These courses are arguably the most full-on and intensive courses at university and so it's important to try your best to strike a balance and enjoy what university has to offer!

There are 3 steps that can help you achieve a balance.

1. Study time is a must!

  • Remember why you are at university. Everyday is a new day, sometimes life happens and our priorities change. But the principle is simple; you are at university to study and to achieve the best grade you can.

  • This doesn’t mean you spend every waking hours just studying, this will not benefit you either. You must learn to believe you will and you will do well.

2. Always have some ME time!

  • Ensure you look after yourself in order to be productive. That means, eating right, drinking enough water, exercising and sleeping well.

  • Try and make an effort to eat healthily. Meal prep can help a lot - take a stirfry or avo on toast with you now and again - nutritious, sustaining and you don't have to keep buying lunch at the canteen!

  • Make time to do something you really enjoy doing other than studying - ensure you have some

  • Sometimes after a long day, I need to pop on a face mask to relax and unwind!

3. Make time for others

  • Always try and have time for your family and friends - it's important to have socials and go back to some home comforts. University can get pretty lonely without it and it's always fun to have an evening out with your friends!

Let us know how your first few weeks have been going - email!

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